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Application Cable Tunnels

Modern cities depend on the integrity of cable tunnels for a host of data communications, power distribution networks and transport infrastructure. Located underground, tunnels can extend for long distances and are part of the vital information and energy infrastructure that serves commercial, industrial and residential needs. The volatility of electric cables in such systems poses a fire risk, which would simulatiously cause interruption in data communications.

Cable tunnels are environments which require ventilation systems to provide cooling and to enable system maintenance in an environment suitable for occupation by workers. Often located underground, the tunnels’ ongoing management and maintenance as well as repair presents access concerns and space can be limited. A fire event in a cable tunnel has the potential to cause major disruption to traffic networks, businesses and nearby residents.

AquaMist ULF (Ultra Low Flow) for Cable Tunnels

  • Rapid suppression.
  • Minimal disruption.

AquaMist ULF for cable tunnels is a low pressure fire suppression water mist system with a high cooling effect, low water consumption, and minimal impact

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