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Application Offices

Areas of an office requiring fire protection are generally not limited to conference rooms, cubicles, personal offices or other occupied areas in which people are working. Hidden and confined spaces such as above ceiling and below-floor areas containing electrical and data cables, can also be susceptible to fire.

A fire event in a concealed space of an office can not only pose a threat to the safety of occupants, but it can also result in damage repair and business interruption. Lost opportunity attributed to downtime can have a significant impact on a business.

Protecting these spaces requires a solution that can balance effective fire suppression with helping minimize damage and ensure business continuity.

 The VdS and FM-approved AquaMist ULF for Offices fire protection solutions:

  • Helps minimize damages and business interruption.
  • Designed to reduce space demand and installation costs.
  • Third party tested and approved.

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