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Welcome to Van Ginkel Groep

First of all we want to welcome you to Van Ginkel Groep

We hope our website will give you a good impression of our company, our working method and of course the ‘total solutions’ that we offer in the field of fire protection, firefighting, associated services and maintenance.

The company is located in Vierpolders near Brielle, which is only a stone's throw from the major petrochemical industrial area ‘Rotterdam Europoort’, the ‘Maasvlakte’ with its storage and transhipment companies and also the ‘Rotterdam Botlek’ area, which is home to the important petrochemical industry of the Netherlands.

Thanks to our unique location, you will regularly find us on projects where we are working on key safety systems for the complex petrochemical industry installations, including for example fire protection and firefighting. Apart from the Rotterdam harbour region, we work throughout the Netherlands and in recent years, we have already carried out a wide variety of projects in the fire protection field. These projects vary from small office premises, warehouses and multilevel car parks, to large and complex projects, such as data centres, complete shopping centres and industrial complexes.

Our approach is that we can offer you a complete package from specifications, plan of approach and engineering right up to the execution of the installation work, supervision, certification and delivery of the project. After delivery, we offer complete and certified maintenance of all systems supplied.

Business Units

Various business units operate at Van Ginkel which, where necessary, fully collaborate on projects and maintenance contracts where several specialisms come together. Consider in this respect fire detection systems with an integrated sprinkler firefighting system and a sprinkler alarm panel. The specialisations ‘fire detection systems’ and ‘sprinkler systems’ are each housed in their own business unit, each with their own internal experts for the various activities, such as: project management, project/CAD engineering, calculation, assembly, testing and commissioning and subsequently our service & maintenance specialists.

Sprinkler Services Europoort

The engineering, design and delivery of components, the assembly, certification, testing and commissioning of sprinkler systems and gas extinguishing systems is housed at Sprinkler Services Europoort. We can carry out the entire package, from design and certification to delivery to the end customer.

Van Ginkel Concerns

Fire detection and alarm systems, evacuation alarm systems, sprinkler alarm systems and control panel construction as well as the provision of training is incorporated in Van Ginkel Concerns. For these systems, we can carry out the entire package, from design and certification to delivery to the end customer.

VG Technisch Beheer en Onderhoud

VG Technisch Beheer en Onderhoud houses the ongoing maintenance contracts for all E-related installations, including fire alarm systems, burglar alarm systems, CCTV systems and evacuation alarm systems. Where necessary, we conduct certified maintenance at various projects.

Service & Maintenance Sprinkler Systems / Firefighting

We have a specialised team in-house for Service & Maintenance activities. This is because this work is exceptionally specialised. Besides sprinkler systems, we also maintain other foam systems (AFFF), small fire extinguishers, gas extinguishing systems and other related components.

Service & Maintenance Fire detection & Evacuation alarm systems

We have an in-house service department for systems such as fire detection & alarm and sprinkler alarm, which gives you the necessary assistance in the event of an emergency or malfunction. Our service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

VG Marine Service Fire/Gas detection & Firefighting

For the offshore & shipping industry, we also have the complete range of fire protection, from detection to fire extinguishing systems. This is not only for the delivery of new systems and replacement work, but also for maintenance and service to existing systems.

Job vacancies

Van Ginkel always appreciates open applications from technical people who like to get on with the job!