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Emergency Unit

The mobile Emergency Unit is a unique product, which we have designed in-house. The unit can be deployed rapidly for locations in the petrochemical industry and provides excellent firefighting capabilities, based on water with an admixture of a foaming agent.

Fast and mobile fire protection on-site for firefighting or fire protection during (major) maintenance
The mobile Emergency Unit can be deployed with potential emergencies, or as Van Ginkel customers employ it, for preventive deployment during pre-planned activities to the fire protection systems.

The unit can take over, whether or not temporarily, a complete fire extinguishing system, or parts of the system, but also a direct deployment of the monitor with an increased fire risk. In joint consultation, together with the customer, we work out a risk analysis and define the scope of deployment of the Emergency Unit in collaboration with the regional authorities. An optional integrated fire pack in the mobile Emergency Unit provides for an own independent supply of enough (unlimited) fire extinguishing water at the location where this is needed. For this, the Emergency Unit requires direct access to nearby surface water, in the form of for instance an existing river or water from the harbour. The unit can handle both freshwater and brackish water.

Key statistics for the Emergency Unit

SABO Foam fire extinguishing foaming agents
SABO Foam is one of the market leaders in the field of firefighting using fire extinguishing foam concentrates. SABO does frequent research and has the technological expertise that has made it a global player. In the Emergency Unit, we use SABO Foam products tailored to the need.

The Emergency Unit can be deployed rapidly
Because the unit is already on-site and mounted on a tractor-trailer, it can be quickly deployed at the right place in an emergency. If required, the unit can be equipped with its own surface water suction pump (fresh or brackish water). This provides an unlimited supply of water.

The Emergency Unit is a tailor-made product and we can supply it to your specific specifications and requirements
Since every site and set of requirements is different for each customer, the Emergency Unit is a tailor-made product, which is fully customised for possible deployment at your site. Consider in this respect connection material and supply lines, self-sufficient water supply, pickup trucks for controlling the emergency etc.

The Emergency Unit can be purchased or hired for the short or long term
You can purchase the unit, in which case we can perform the maintenance of the unit and supply the foam. You can of course also hire the unit for a shorter period, for example during major maintenance. You can also hire it for a longer period in combination with the maintenance.


Here is a short summary of some of the benefits and key statistics for the Emergency Unit:

  • Can be deployed rapidly on-site with little manpower
  • No water suction problems, no heavy connection hoses required No jetty or landing stage required
  • Transportable / mobile design on an own permanent tractor-trailer Manual and/or automatic start via a remote control room Direct connection of fire extinguishing system capacity of 1,000 l/min to 15,000 l/min Fire extinguishing media: water or water with automatic 3% foam admixture Foam available on-site, depending on need, e.g. 12 or 20 m3
  • Steam nozzle throw distance approx. 120 m at 10 bar / water curtain spray nozzle