We are certified and specialised in the field of fire safety, sprinkler and gas extinguishing systems, burglar alarms, CCTV and access control.

Van Ginkel Concerns of Brielle

At Van Ginkel Concerns are the specialists who are daily engaged in various electronic fire protection systems for utilities projects, (the petrochemical) industry, parking garages, offices etc.

Possible installations we can offer include:

  • Fire alarm systems (including: FireClass, Protec, Kentec and both addressable and conventional, wired/wireless)
  • Evacuation alarm system (integration with the fire alarm system is possible from alarm sounders to speech)
  • Sprinkler alarm panels (to read in the status of reports and to control the sprinkler system)
  • Smoke aspiration systems (high-sensitivity smoke detection for server rooms, atriums, control rooms)
  • Line-type heat detection & LIST systems (both linear line-type detection and high-sensitivity and addressable heat detection based on glass fibre)
  • Graphical systems (complete range of LED mimics, from side panels to complete digital graphical panels)

We can offer you the complete range for your project and take care of everything for you.

We can offer our services from the design phase to delivery to the end user, consider in this respect specifications, POR (Programme of Requirements), (pre) engineering, design & drawings, project management, execution & installation to commissioning & delivery to the end user.

After the successful delivery of the project, we can also offer a complete programme of training for the managers of the plant(s).

We also offer a full range of service & maintenance for all the systems supplied, with or without a connection to the control room for the rapid follow-up of alarms and quick availability of a service technician.

Fire alarm systems, Evacuation alarm system

We have in-depth knowledge of various brands of fire alarm systems. Among others: Tyco FireClass, Kentec, Protec, Argus, Signalco PBS, Fast2000. We supply conventional systems for small applications and complex systems based on addressed alarms & modules. Both wired and wireless.

Mimic and Graphical panels, Networks & Visualization

Mimic and graphical panels provide a reliable and fast overview of the fire alarm system status. We make these panels (up to fully digital panels) entirely to order for the project. We also offer solutions for combining the systems in a copper or glass fibre network.

Sound measurement, Fire test, Blower door tests

At our organisation, we have in-house specialists for testing systems:

  • Fire tests
  • Sound measurements (evacuation alarm)
  • Airtightness testing of spaces

Sprinkler alarm panels

We supply sprinkler alarm panels for a complete overview of the status of a complex sprinkler extinguishing system. This enables you to read in and display the statuses of the alarm valves, section valves etc. Automatic controls are also possible. The system is made entirely to order.

Smoke aspiration systems, Line-type heat detection

Specific applications, such as server rooms, control rooms, a high atrium, tunnels etc. need a special approach for fire detection. For this, we supply high-sensitivity smoke suction/aspiration systems, but also line-type heat detection systems. Integration in a fire alarm system is possible.

System inspections & Certification

As a certified company, we are able to deliver our systems fully certified. We also have the knowledge in-house for carrying out inspections to the systems, the re-inspection and re-certification of the installations.