We are certified and specialised in the field of fire safety, sprinkler and gas extinguishing systems, burglar alarms, CCTV and access control.

VG Technisch Beheer en Onderhoud

VG Technisch Beheer en Onderhoud carries out the ongoing maintenance contracts at our company. In the maintenance branch, there is still close collaboration with project implementation of the Van Ginkel Concerns regarding fire detection and evacuation alarm systems and also with Sprinkler Services Europoort regarding sprinkler systems.

This close collaboration contributes to the adequate transfer of the correct information from the various fire protection systems supplied to the maintenance branch. This makes systems and components of which the installations are composed readily apparent to the maintenance team.

We can provide you with maintenance for various safety systems, including the fire alarm system, the evacuation alarm system and the sprinkler alarm system, but also the burglar alarm system and CCTV system as necessary.

We coordinate the maintenance work in consultation with our customers so that the maintenance has a minimal impact on your business operations. In addition to maintenance, the team also carries out activities that can arise during or after the maintenance work, such as residual points. We discuss this in advance with our customers before following up on them quickly so that we can resolve the remaining points.

We can also carry out supervision for inspections and certification for you. And of course, we can also perform the periodic administrative OP duties (trained person) for you, so that this is done correctly in accordance with the rules and regulations.

Our business unit VG Technisch Beheer en Onderhoud specialises in the maintenance of fire alarm and evacuation alarm systems. We also maintain sprinkler alarm systems for the entire process from maintenance to certification.

FireClass, Kentec, Protec Fire alarm systems

We perform maintenance on various brands and types of fire alarm systems. Whether or not combined with an evacuation alarm system. We can also carry out the maintenance where integration is provided with a sprinkler system, such as through a sprinkler alarm panel.

Burglar alarm & CCTV systems

Where necessary and as requested, we can include any existing and connected systems, such as CCTV camera systems or burglar alarm systems, in the regular fire alarm maintenance package.

Modifications to existing systems

Sooner or later, previously delivered systems require minor or major adjustments, for example due to construction work on site. To a certain extent, our maintenance team can carry out these kinds of system alterations.

Administrators’ OP duties (OP = trained person)

Regulations require various administrators’ OP duties to be carried out, which have to be recorded in a log. If you do not want to do this under your own management, or if you do not have a trained person (OP), then we can take this work off your hands and include it as part of the maintenance contract.

Training, Courses and Education

An administrator needs to be appointed for the site's owner or user, who will carry out the periodic OP administrative duties. For this, we offer various training courses, courses and education programmes.

Zero measurements, Inspection & Certification

We can also take off of your hands the supervision for inspection and certification of existing systems that we have in maintenance. In addition, we maintain contact with the inspection body or certification authority.