We are certified and specialised in the field of fire safety, sprinkler and gas extinguishing systems, burglar alarms, CCTV and access control.

Sprinkler Services Europoort

Our Business Unit Sprinkler Services Europoort specialises in the design of sprinkler systems and gas extinguishing systems. We can provide these facilities as a complete package, from design and engineering to installation, certification and delivery.

Our business unit Sprinkler Services Europoort is a recognised and VBB/KIWA certified sprinkler installation and sprinkler maintenance company. This means that we have the knowledge and capacity entirely in-house to design, deliver and assemble sprinkler systems, but also to maintain them in a fully certified manner.

We can supply sprinkler systems for all relevant objects of offices and residential buildings, parking garages, warehouses, machine halls, waste treatment plants, biomass plants and power plants to complex objects in the petrochemical industry.

Besides sprinkler systems, we also supply various other types of firefighting systems, including foam extinguishing systems and monitors. We can design and deliver these systems both as a fixed (object) installation for example for fuel storage tanks, but also as a mobile unit in a container. This means that you can use the mobile unit in locations where it is temporarily needed during the execution of major maintenance at the site in question.

For firefighting in specific spaces, consider server rooms, labs, archives, Telecom etc., we design and deliver various types of gas extinguishing systems, including Inergen, Novec 1230 and CO2 systems.
Inergen is a unique product and a safe extinguishing method, with which it is possible to fight a fire while at the same time ensuring the safety of anyone present in the same space.

Sprinkler systems

• Dry sprinkler systems
• Wet sprinkler systems
• Pre-action sprinkler systems
• Underground pipes
• Deluge water mist/spray systems - Valve manifolds

Fire extinguishing foam monitors / Foam extinguishing systems

• Stationary extinguishing monitors
• Portable/controlled fire monitors
• Hydro/Foam mixture monitors
• Proportioners for water / foam
• Foam extinguishing systems

Gas extinguishing systems

• Inergen (Inert) Gas extinguishing systems are safe, fast and environmentally friendly
• CO2 Gas extinguishing systems
• NOVEC1230 Gas extinguishing system replacement for HALON systems, have shipping certifications

Hydrants, Shut-off valves, Alarm valves, Pumps

• Hydrants for permanent locations
• Sprinkler system alarm valves
• Sprinkler system section valves
• Shut-off valves
• Sprinkler pumps
• For both wet and dry systems

Small extinguishers Powder extinguishers

• Hand-held powder extinguishers
• Hand-held foam extinguishers
• Hand-held CO2/Gas extinguishers
• Fire blankets
• Mobile powder extinguisher trolleys
• Fire hose reels

Hand-held extinguishers are also for hire.

Mobile Emergency Unit For Fast Deployment

• MMobile & fast deployment
• Fixed tractor-trailer version is possible
• Internal foam tank(s)
• Hydro/Foam monitor
• Internal water pump & proportioner.

These units are also for hire.