We are certified and specialised in the field of fire safety, sprinkler and gas extinguishing systems, burglar alarms, CCTV and access control.

Van Ginkel Marine Service

At Van Ginkel, we have a special business unit that focuses on the shipping and offshore industry. The shipping and offshore industry involves complex issues, including the projection of the correct detectors, using the right equipment that is suitable for the often explosive environments, as well as the integration of all fire & gas detection components to a fully integrated system. The system can be built up based on an assembled fire detection and gas detection panel, as well as based on a PLC. Depending on the required number of inputs and outputs (I/O) and cause & effect logic, our engineers are able to design the best solution for your project. We can design the system with an interface to an existing management system, or equip it with an own graphical management system. The implementation of this will be compiled in close collaboration with you as client.

For our marine & offshore projects, we use materials from the manufacturers that specialise in the manufacture of highly reliable and top quality products. This is to ensure that the systems we design meet the high standards that are set to safety systems for fire and gas detection.

It is very important to protect both the safety of the personnel at the project site as well as the existing installations in the event of an emergency. It is then literally of vital importance to detect a potential fire or gas leakage as quickly as possible.

We supply flame detectors, gas detectors, hand-held detectors, alarm sounders, signalling units and panels from various renowned brands, including: Tyco, Det-tronics, Spectronics, Simtronics, MEDC, Siemens, etc. This means that we can be deployed flexibly and we are able to supply complete new installations as well as expansions to existing installations with the application of the manufactured products already present.

PBS Signalco / FAST 2000 Fire alarm systems

At locations where, among other things, PBS Signalo and/or FAST2000 type systems are installed, we can modify, maintain or completely replace these systems. Of course, we also have possibilities for supplying systems from other manufacturers.

PLC Systems with full system integration

We have the knowledge in-house to engineer projects based on a PLC system. Consider in this respect for example the Siemens S7 PLC system. PLC systems are extremely suitable for more complex projects with numerous I/O and associated logic and controls.

Fire & Gas detection systems and alarms

Fire & Gas systems are very common in the oil and gas industry, both onshore and offshore, as well as in the petrochemical industry. Our company has an extensive range of solutions for the detection of gases and fires, including gas detectors, flame detectors, heat detectors and so on.

Fire Protection / Fire extinguishing systems

Novec 1230 is a clean type of fire suppressing gas and is also very suitable for application in shipping and/or the offshore market. The gas does not damage the ozone layer and does not damage electronics. The extinguishing capacity of Novec is significantly greater than standard CO2 gas. Novec also requires less installation space. Ideal for the engine room.

Offshore / Shipping Maintenance & Service

We offer a high level of service for shipping and the offshore market. In this context, we have various specialists with the proper paperwork to perform offshore activities for you as a customer. We can carry out your service and maintenance work for both fire and gas detection systems as well as many other systems.

Acoustic gas leak detection on an ultrasonic basis

A special category of gas detectors are the acoustic gas leak detectors. These detectors respond to gas leakages and the unique sound produced by ‘gas under pressure’. An acoustic gas leak detector can be used both onshore and offshore. These detectors are for example insensitive to the wind direction and react accurately.